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Marissa Nelson speaking with a couple on the beach
Marissa Nelson and a woman talking on the beach
Whether you are planning a milestone commitment event,  or seeking to unpack and let go of difficult years of disconnect, or recovering from infidelity, the private couples retreat is the short-term intensive intervention needed to bring you to a place of clarity, communication and reconnection.

You deserve to feel all the love, passion, and connection in your life. Even if you are scared, questioning or thinking about walking away from the love you built, an IntimacyMoons Private Retreat is your next step.

The private in-person couples retreat is an elite concierge service with investments often running above of $15,000.

Should you be interested in the private couples retreat, schedule a call, ask any questions on your mind, and learn more about how this amazing retreat option can transform your relationship.

Your private experience includes at least Eight (8) hours of one-on-one coaching over the course of 4 days.

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“We’re making progress in communicating better and we feel our love for each other has grown deeper.”

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