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Transform your intimacy and relationship from the inside out.

Wherever you are in your journey together, our therapy practice can accelerate your path to clarity, communication and connection - tailored to your relationship needs.

We provide private, one-on-one therapy for both individuals and couples in Washington DC & Maryland with Licensed Marriage & Marriage Therapist Marissa Nelson LMFT, CST, CSE.

Session rates are $275 per hour for both couples and individual therapy and all sessions are conducted virtually.

I am an out of network provider and do not accept insurance at this time. I will provide you with documentation so that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
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Learn the tools necessary to safely and effectively overcome life’s challenges together while building lasting and satisfying intimacy.
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More than a generic checklist of questions, build a strong foundation together where you can understand each other’s needs and goals, communicate them safely and effectively, and build a shared future of which you can be proud.
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Sex is more than just intimacy, and intimacy is more than the act of sex. We help couples explore and talk about their own sexual templates, and dive deep into their own desires, fantasies and beliefs about their sexuality.
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No matter where you are on your fertility journey, we teach you how to identify and effectively communicate your unique emotional needs, so you can deepen your connection on your path to parenthood.
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During infidelity recovery therapy, we provide the scaffolding for understanding your relationship dynamics, and create the space for safe and effective communication so that healthy habits and trust can be restored.
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“our hearts are full and our minds open. What you do is more than a job, it’s a gift. We’re so grateful and hopeful for our future.”

ana & gabriel- intimacymoon alums

“I have seen how therapy with Marissa has opened us up and helped to rebuild our foundation. Our kids are now seeing us connecting more and are now feeding off of our positive energy”

john & Vera

“I feel like we're communicating much better, having more fun together, and starting to incorporate our learning from therapy. We are so much happier.”

nicole & thomas