Private Couples RETREAT - Its all about you

IntimacyMoons is the Ultimate Couples Retreat designed for rejuvenation, connection, self-reflection, and relaxation that truly gets to the essence of you as a couple.

Don’t feel comfortable working on your relationship issues with other couples? No problem! You have the luxury of having an experience that’s all your own, and can choose the dates that work best for your schedule, and when the time is right for you both!

What you can expect during this getaway of a lifetime is some one-on-one time together to work on the issues that matter to you most. Main topic of focus is intimacy & desire/sexuality, effective communication techniques, and helping you become stronger and more connected as a couple.

This is a great program to rejuvenate your relationship, clear up the old baggage that’s holding you back as a couple, and leave feeling connected and renewed - truly transforming your relationship from the inside out.

Our IntimacyMoons Private Retreat packages are immersive experiences that is equivalent to a years worth of couples therapy. The focus is on intimacy & desire, effective communication and helping you to heal and resolve any issues that you currently face, such as infidelity, low sexual desire, or if you are thinking about divorce or walking away from your relationship. This time is all yours, and the time to heal and reconnect is now!


  • Choose Your Private Retreat Dates (Subject To Availability)

  • 4 Day/3 Night Premium Stay in a Luxurious One Bedroom Ocean Front Suite

  • 8 Hours One-On-One Couples Consultation with Master Relationship & Sex Therapist

  • VIP Airport Escort Through Customs & Immigration

  • Airport Pickup and Transportation to and from The Crane Resort

  • 70 Minute Deep Tissue Couples Massage

  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Including Beer, Wine & Cocktails

  • Romantic Farewell Dinner Date

  • Beachside Ceremony

  • Couples Gift Bag

  • *Illuminating Conversation & "Fun Homework" To Put New Skills In Practice

  • After Care Retreat Follow-Up & Referral Service

  • Vow Renewal Ceremony Can Be Added For Additional Fee**

INCLUSIVE PACKAGE PRICING: Starting From $8000 Per Couple

**50% Deposit Due at Registration, Pricing Subject to Seasonal Hotel Room Rates**

Package pricing comprises all-inclusive accommodations, ground transportation, IntimacyMoons workshops and above listed inclusions. Pricing is exclusive of airfare.


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Healing your relationship


When you book a private retreat experience, it’s all about you. Recapturing the joy, passion and aliveness in your relationship. Before you get to the next level of your connection, we first have to understand the current state of your partnership, and how both of you contributed to where you are now.

Here are some of the topics that we can work on together during your luxury getaway in paradise:

  • Couples That Are Contemplating Divorce or Breaking-Up

  • Trust Issues In The Relationship

  • Recovering After Infidelity & Cheating

  • Low Sexual Desire, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, & Excessive Porn Use

  • Lack of Sexual Compatibility

  • Fighting Dirty and Lack Of Effective Communication

  • Feeling Like Roommates or Parents and Not Lovers

  • Loss Of Emotional and Sexual Intimacy After Children

  • Different Parenting Styles & Getting In The Way of Connection

  • Sexual or Emotional Trauma Impacting The Relationship

  • Sex Becoming A Chore or Partners Becoming Sexually Avoidant

Topics of focus


During your private retreat, you will learn how each person experiences and feels love, and much of this comes from childhood. In order to move forward in your relationship, it’s important to look back at the messages you received about love, trust, affection, fidelity and relationships. Couples will look at and identify these aspects to get clear on how childhood and past beliefs show up in your relationship in the present.


Sex is more than just intimacy, and intimacy is more that just the act of sex. It is important to understand the values, beliefs and feelings that may get in the way of physical connection, and transcending those messages to truly embrace sexual agency individually and together as a couple.

This retreat will help couples explore and talk about their own sexual templates, and get the chance to dive deep into their own erotic desires, fantasies, longings and beliefs about different aspects of sexuality.  We will also cover sexual communication, and have heart to heart discussions on how to tackle your most common sexual concerns, and how to communicate your needs to your partner.


When partners have different approaches to parenting and struggle to see eye to eye on how to raise their children, it can erode the foundation of the relationship. This can also effect the connection you both have with your kids, and for many continue the cycle of emotional turbulence witnessed in their families growing up.

During the IntimacyMoons experience, we will work together to identify your parenting styles, uncover how each person’s upbringing effects their approach to raising a family, and give you guidance to strengthen communication and work effectively as a team.


Perhaps one of the most powerful experiences during this retreat. People often bring along the baggage and wounds from the past, whether from past relationships, family or otherwise. This letting go process has couples confront the issues that are still present for them that may be hard to let go, but that are standing in the way of deeper connection and joy. By starting the process of healing, you can then move forward in freedom, allowing a renewed version of yourself to emerge that can promote greater authenticity, self-awareness and healthier dating choices.

fresh Start” Vow Renewal & Private Retreat

a new Beginning for your marriage

Life happens. Parenthood. Arguments with no resolution. The everyday routine of life. Lack of Intimacy. Years that have gone by that have left you feeling disconnected, and drifting further apart from each other. This IntimacyMoons Fresh Start Private Retreat Experience is for you.

This is a Concierge Level Service, catering to your every need, whim and fantasy with 24/7 attentiveness. Not only do you have the opportunity to work on your relationship, you can top off a vacation of a lifetime with a Vow Renewal Wedding Ceremony, overlooking the crystal blue waters of Barbados.

fresh Start” Vow Renewal Package

Pricing is available upon request

**50% Deposit Due at Reservation, Pricing Subject to Seasonal Hotel Room Rates**

Package pricing comprises all-inclusive accommodations, ground transportation, IntimacyMoons workshops and above listed inclusions. Pricing is exclusive of airfare.

Vow Renewal Ceremony Includes:

  • All Elements and Inclusions of The IntimacyMoons Private Retreat Package

  • In-Room Welcome Gift for Couple

  • Spectacular Location for Wedding Ceremony - Choose The Beach, or Many Garden Locations at The Crane Resort in Barbados

  • Services of an Event Coordinator & Wedding Planner

  • A Licensed Religious Minister To Preside Over Ceremony

  • Steel Pan Player or Violinist To Serenade You Down The Aisle

  • Decorated Flower Arch

  • Tropical Flower Bridal Bouquet

  • Orchid Flower Crown

  • Makeup Artist For Day Of Wedding Pampering

  • Gentleman’s Boutonniere

  • A Chilled Bottle of Moet & Chandon to Toast

  • Single Tier Cake

  • Private Dining Vow Renewal Celebration at A Location of Your Choice

  • Vow Renewal Certificate Keepsake

  • Just Re-Married Door Sign

  • Worry-Free Wedding Planning & Relationship Rx

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