IntimacyMoons Is The Retreat For You If:

  • Are you suffering in silence, afraid to tell your closest family and friends about the problems you face in your relationship and marriage?

  • Have you found that parenthood has made it harder for you to connect sexually and emotionally?

  • Does sex feel unsatisfying and disconnected?

  • Do you sleep in the same bed and feel worlds apart from each other?

  • Are you struggling to trust after being devastated by infidelity, but don't know whether to stay or leave?

  • Are both of you so busy from work, you don't have time or energy to connect sexually or emotionally?

  • Have you gone without sexual intimacy for 3 months or longer?

  • Do you feel un-loved, un-appreciated or that your needs are being neglected?

  • Are you on the verge of giving up on your marriage or relationship because your tired of being unhappy?

  • Want to enhance your intimacy and learn some tools to take your connection to the next level?

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If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of These Questions

IntimacyMoons Is The Place For You.

It's about your happiness. You deserve to feel all the love, passion, and connection you can hold. Let me teach you the tools so you can reclaim the joy in your marriage and relationship.

Even if you are scared and thinking about divorce, or walking away from the love of your life, there is hope. Book a retreat with us and transform your relationship & intimacy from the inside out.

Here is What You Will Learn

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Day 1

Couples will be tasked to understand their underlying needs when dealing with conflict and communication. Each couple is given a set of questions that help facilitate conversation about how they believe they handle conflict, and what areas could use growth and attention. Practical tools and guidelines are given to guide couples as to how to communicate their needs more affectively and in a way their partner can hear them.

My belief is that communication is a lifelong skill that couples always need to work at and fine tune. Elements like building emotional safety, and learning how to effectively get your point across with out shutting down, over shouting or getting defensive really adds to relationship health and satisfaction - tools that everyone will walk away with.


Day 2

Sex is more than just intimacy, and intimacy is more that just the act of sex. It is important to understand the values, beliefs and feelings that may get in the way of physical connection, and transcending those messages to truly embrace sexual agency individually and within the relationship.

This retreat will help couples explore and talk about their own sexual templates, and get the chance to dive deep into their own erotic desires, fantasies, longings and beliefs about different aspects of sexuality.  We will also cover sexual communication, and have heart to heart discussions on how to treat the most common sexual concerns couples may have.            

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The union of marriage is an amazing journey, but after you walk down the aisle that's when the real work begins. Through self reflective exercises and conversations, couples will have a deeper understanding of what their expectations of marriage really are, from gender role expectations, children, finances, career aspirations and more.

You will gain clarity about their individual and relationship goals, learn how to negotiate and collaborate on the differences, and dream together by creating a vision of their marriage and the road ahead.

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Beachside Ceremony

Perhaps one of the most powerful experiences couples can have during this retreat. Often times people move into the next stage of their relationship but still bring along the baggage and wounds from the past, whether from past relationships, family or previous wounds.

This letting go process has couples confront the issues that are still present for them that may be hard to let go, but that are standing in the way of deeper connection and joy. By starting the process of healing, couples can then move forward in freedom, allowing a renewed version of the relationship to emerge that can promote a healthier and more prosperous union.

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Private Retreats One-On-One

These intensive couples consultations throughout the retreat are targeted to those that need support through connection, intimacy and communication issues such as infidelity, trust issues, pre-marital concerns or just an overall relationship tune-up.

Together, we help you move forward in transformation and healing for your relationship.

Video - What To Expect

Marissa Nelson LMFT CST describes what couples can expect when going on an IntimacyMoons Couples Retreat. 

Retreat Dates & Pricing

COUPLES RETREAT i Upcoming Dates

We are now offering availability at The Crane Resort, Barbados for the 2019 season:

Pre-Valentines Day - Wednesday, FEBRUARY 6th - Sunday February 10th, 2019

retreat focus: intimacy, low sexual desire & sexual communication

Intimacymoons Valentine’s Retreat - Wednesday, FEBRUARY 13th - SUNday February 17th, 2019.

retreat focus: intimacy, low sexual desire & sexual communication

Summer session - Wednesday, July 10th - Sunday July 14th, 2019

Retreat focus: trust issues, intimacy & sexual/emotional reconnection

Intimacy is the lifeblood of connection and satisfaction in couples. Even in the most romantic vacation setting, couples can still find themselves longing for ways to truly reconnect with each other. 

This is the Ultimate Couples’ Retreat that combines relationship enhancement experiences in intimate groups of couples, fun and relaxing activities, and the pristine beauty of Barbados. The end result is simple: clarity, communication and connection. 

Learn how to communicate your wants, needs and desires without being afraid of hurting your partners feelings. 


  • 4 Night Premium Stay in a Luxurious One Bedroom Garden View, Ocean View Room or Suite w/ Private Plunge Pool

  • *4 Day Group Relationship Enhancement Workshops with Licensed Relationship & Sex Therapist

  • 2 Hour One-on-One Private Session to Tackle Your Specific Intimacy & Relationship Issues

  • Get Personalized Feedback & A Tailored Game Plan

  • Airport Pickup and Transportation to and from The Crane Resort

  • Welcome Dinner Reception

  • Daily Breakfast

  • Romantic Farewell Dinner Date

  • Beachside Ceremony

  • *Illuminating Conversation & "Fun Homework" To Put New Skills In Practice

  • After Care Retreat Follow-Up & Referral Service

  • *Romantic Memories, Relationship Tools and New Friendships to Last a Lifetime!!

    **Additional Hours of requested one-on-one time outside of the 2 hours provided will be billed at an hourly rate.

 **50% Deposit Due at Registration To Reserve your spot!

Complete Package Pricing Starts at $3750 per couple for Junior Garden View Suite, $5600 for Ocean View w/Plunge Pool.

Flexible Payment Plan, **50% Deposit Due at Registration. The remaining balance is paid 45 days prior to arrival.

*Pricing is subject to room category availability, and reflects nightly high-season rates. Package pricing comprises accommodations, airport transfer, IntimacyMoons workshops and above listed inclusions. Pricing does NOT include airfare.



Morning/Afternoon Arrivals 

7pm - 11pm Happy Hour & Welcome Dinner Reception


7am - Breakfast in room or at restaurant

9am -noon - IntimacyMoons workshop

12pm- 6pm - Afternoon for bonding and relaxation

7pm - until - Dinner at your leisure, IntimacyMoons homework and conversations


7am - Breakfast in room or at restaurant

9am -noon - IntimacyMoons workshop

12pm- 6pm - Afternoon for bonding and relaxation

7pm - until - Dinner at your leisure, IntimacyMoons homework and conversations


7am - Breakfast in room or at restaurant

9am -noon - IntimacyMoons workshop

12pm- 4pm - Afternoon for bonding and relaxation

4pm- 6pm - Group Beachside Ceremony

8pm - 11pm - All White Farewell Dinner Reception



*Follow-up one on one sessions