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The Lovers Society is a vibrant community that brings together couples committed to making their love last, to learn how to effectively communicate their emotional and sexual wants and needs,
so that they can thrive in connection, grow in desire and deepen intimacy.

The Lovers Society will guide your relationship toward 2 main goals:
  • To break negative cycles and habits of disconnection and replace them with emotional safety, exploration and play.
  • To grow pathways to pleasure and desire with ease by expanding your definition of sexuality, and removing emotional blocks such as shame, guilt, and negative self-talk so that you can experience the joy of intimacy.
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Every month we tackle a major emotional & sexual health theme such as Desire, Overcoming Fears, or Vacation, Rejuvenation & Oasis.

Every week features an important sub-theme with a variety of activities including weekly challenges and exercises, fireside chats, society member journey stories and so much more!

This is how you continuously improve your relationship.

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Identify & examine your sexual templates so you can co-create satisfying sexual intimacy with this introductory 4-course bundle!

On-Demand Course Bundle Includes:

Course 1: Who are We in the Bedroom?
Course 2: What is Our Sexual Routine
Course 3: What's Blocking Our Sexual Connection?
Course 4: How Can We Co-Create Sexual Intimacy?

Get the support you need now at your pace.

“Marissa has really supported us in understanding what has gotten in the way of our intimacy, and helped us heal our trust issues and resentments we were holding on to. We are rediscovering intimacy and having fun again.”

amy & roberto