Summer Retreat - Barbados

St. Philip, Barbados – The Crane Resort

Thursday, July 6 – Sunday, July 10, 2022
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Retreat Details

About Barbados

A small island in size, Barbados is definitely large when it comes to character. Steeped in history, culture and tradition the island exudes a natural charm which is uniquely Bajan. Many visitors are often pleasantly surprised to see the ease with which the new fits almost effortlessly with the old–modern facilities seem at home in sleepy villages.

Each of Barbados’ eleven parishes has a different trait to offer. From the picturesque, limestone hills in St. Andrew to the action-packed night life in Christ Church, vacationers can find something to satisfy their desires. What’s more, Barbados is one of the most developed islands in the region and easily caters to business travelers.

The Crane Resort

Set on Barbados’ world-famous Crane Beach–named "Best Caribbean Beach" by USA Today's 10 Best Readers Choice 2015–The Crane is the Caribbean's first resort hotel. First opened in 1887 and now fully restored and expanded, this truly unique property combines old-world charm and incredible natural beauty with a romantic sense of seclusion.

If you are looking for a place where you can get away from it all, relax in the sun, sand and sea for your next vacation, The Crane is the ideal tropical paradise resort–a place of stunning beauty, the perfect choice for your Barbados vacation

Group Couples Retreat

A balance among small-group learning (15 couples or less), individual couples work and self-directed activities, this will inspire and ignite change and healing. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow together, make new friends while still enjoying personal, sacred time for the relationship. You will leave more rested, rejuvenated and renewed than you came.

Retreat includes: 

Welcome Reception Dinner
60 minute couples massage 
9 hours of small-group retreat sessions over 3 days
1 additional hour of private coaching
All workshop materials & manuals
Light snacks and refreshments during sessions
Extra Surprises!


We recommend that participants secure accommodation at the Crane Resort, though it is not required for attendance.

Choose from one of over 20 spacious suite accommodation styles with views of lush gardens or the warm Caribbean Sea.

The Crane Resort also hosts award-winning restaurants provide an exciting culinary journey. From local and Caribbean fare to the Old World tastes of Southern Italy and the delicacies of Japan and Thailand, explore a world of epicurean delights right on-site.

Room reservations and meal packages can be reserved separately at

sample day schedule

We will meet daily in group from 9am - 12pm. 
Break for lunch between 12 and 2pm.
Private 1-hour couples’ sessions begin between 2pm and 8pm.



Couples will be tasked to understand their underlying needs when dealing with conflict and communication. Each couple is given a set of questions that help facilitate conversation about how they believe they handle conflict, and what areas could use growth and attention. Practical tools and guidelines are given to guide couples as to how to communicate their needs more affectively and in a way their partner can hear them.

Our belief is that communication is a lifelong skill that couples always need to work at and fine tune. Elements like building emotional safety, and learning how to effectively get your point across with out shutting down, over shouting or getting defensive really adds to relationship health and satisfaction - tools that everyone will walk away with.



Sex is more than just intimacy, and intimacy is more that just the act of sex. It is important to understand the values, beliefs and feelings that may get in the way of physical connection, and transcending those messages to truly embrace sexual agency individually and within the relationship.

This retreat will help couples explore and talk about their own sexual templates, and get the chance to dive deep into their own erotic desires, fantasies, longings and beliefs about different aspects of sexuality.  We will also cover sexual communication, and have heart to heart discussions on how to treat the most common sexual concerns couples may have.



The union of marriage is an amazing journey, but after you walk down the aisle that's when the real work begins. Through self-reflective exercises and conversations, couples will have a deeper understanding of what their expectations of marriage really are, from gender role expectations, children, finances, career aspirations and more.

You will gain clarity about their individual and relationship goals, learn how to negotiate and collaborate on the differences, and dream together by creating a vision of their marriage and the road ahead.


Perhaps one of the most powerful experiences couples can have during this retreat. Oftentimes people move into the next stage of their relationship but still bring along baggage and wounds from the past, whether from past relationships, family or previous wounds.

This letting go process has couples confront the issues that are still present for them that may be hard to let go, but that are standing in the way of deeper connection and joy. By starting the process of healing, couples can then move forward in freedom, allowing a renewed version of the relationship to emerge that can promote a healthier and more prosperous union.



Deposit of 50% is due upon reservation.
Remainder of payment is due by January 20th, 2022.
A full refund (less applicable taxes and fees) will be processed if requested at least 30 calendar days prior to the start of the Retreat.
A 50% refund (less applicable taxes and fees) will be processed if requested within 30 calendar days of the Retreat start date.”

Frequently asked questions

What are the COVID guidelines during the retreat?

IntimacyMoons Couples Retreats follows the COVID travel protocols of Barbados, as well as the on-property protocols of the Crane Resort. For more information on the current national guidelines in Barbados please click here. Additionally, for the protocols of the Crane Resort, please click here.

What is the currency exchange rate? Can I use US Dollars?

Some places in Barbados accept US Dollars, however there is a 2 to 1 conversion rate to Barbados currency. Please consult for further details. 

There is an ATM on property that provides you with Barbados dollars should you need it.

Do I have to stay at the Crane Resort to participate in the retreat?

We encourage our participants to enjoy the exceptional accommodations at the Crane Resort. 

However, if you decide to make alternative lodging arrangements, that is perfectly acceptable. Just let us know so that we can advise the resort to let you into the property to access the retreats. Please bear in mind that the Crane Resort is in the Southwest corner of the island, and therefore, you would need to account for daily transportation costs to and from your lodging.

Will the instructor tell us whether we should break up or stay together?

No, your instructor will never tell you what to do in your relationship. In that realm, you are the expert. 

IntimacyMoons is a safe space for couples to overcome the challenges on their relationships and to talk the improved psycho-emotional and communication skills from the retreat back home with them. Our role is to provide you will tools and strategic perspective to accelerate growth and healing in your relationship. You make all the decisions from there.

Can I request additional private session time with the instructor?

Yes, absolutely. You can request additional time with the instructor if needed. Additional hours will be subject to availability and will be an additional hourly charge.

Is there any physical touching or contact during the retreats?

No, beyond standard greetings (which may include handshakes and hugs) there is absolutely no physical nor sexual touching of any kind between any of the staff of IntimacyMoons nor the Crane Resort with any participants of the retreat. Similarly, no physical nor sexual touching is encouraged nor expected as part of the retreat program among the participants of the retreat outside of those who came to the retreat together.

What should I pack?

The weather in Barbados is sunny and tropical so please bring comfortable, warm weather clothes. Please pack one white or light-colored outfit you don’t mind getting wet (Bathing Suits, White shirt and khakis or shorts for men is just fine). Sometimes it can get a bit chilly from the ocean air at night so just for good measure, bring a light sweater just in case. Also Zen Restaurant is a fine dining establishment for dinner and the dress code is more formal should you choose to dine there. Please bring a “date night” outfit for your special dinner date together on the last evening.

We’ve heard there are amazing excursions in Barbados, how do I book them?

There are many fun and exciting excursions that you can go on during your trip. Immerse yourself everything from Rum Tours to Catamaran Sunset Cruises to Food Tours. Learn more about them and place your information request by clicking here.

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