Frequently asked questions

Q: Is IntimacyMoons couples or individual therapy?

A: The goal of IntimacyMoonsTM is not to be a substitute for regular therapy, but to provide vacationing couples and singles with a fun, stimulating experience and practical tools in order to create lasting connections with their partners, or in their lives.  

Q: This is only for people who have problems in their relationships.

A: No, these relationship enhancement workshops are for every couple at any stage of their journey. The topics focus on foundational in nature, and will be broad enough to… but having an experienced and highly qualified professional to facilitate the application of these enhancement techniques to themselves and their relationships will jumpstart the connection

 Q: Will IntimacyMoons advise couples to break-up their marriage/relationship?

A: Quite the contrary. These couples enhancement workshops will allow them to gain clarity, enhance their communication, and strengthen their connections. Additionally, as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) under the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), I do not participate in, suggest, or make any life decisions for couples in my care. Finally, similar to my practice and other relationship workshops, there are pre-workshop legal agreements that couples sign to prevent any such occurrence.

Q: Lack of privacy: People would not be willing to d.

A: My experience facilitating workshops and evidence from other workshops throughout the U.S. shows that people enjoy talking with and listening to other people's perspectives once there is a safe environment created. As a couples therapist, I specialize in creating and cultivating that safe space throughout these workshops in a manner that is fun and thought-provoking.